Case Studies

See from our successful users how they use vacancyPro to streamline their canvassing, grow their teams and better connect with landlords.

The Individual Broker

One of the key challenges for the individual commercial broker is juggling the time between nurturing relationships and sourcing properties for their clients.

Sure, they may have a select portfolio of properties and landlords they mostly engage with, but we know all too well that sometimes you need more properties, or something similar. 

This is where vacancyPro shines! We give that broker all the access they need; thousands of properties, updated daily, for wherever they search, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

This is how we empower more and more individual brokers to spend their time nuturing relationships and closing deals!    

vacancyPro has given me access to unlimited commercial & industrial stock, which is something I could only dream about before. I love the search functionality which allows me to zoom quickly to the kind of stock a client wants in terms of suburb, price and floor size.

Commercial Broker – Acutts

The Growing Team

Growing teams has its fair set of challenges as well. One of the largest being how to source, manage and share properties with your team of brokers to help them grow.

Imagine not having that as a challenge at all! vacancyPro not only has all the properties ready and waiting at your fingertips, but we continuously sourcing new properties and keeping all our properties up to date. So much so, that we are updating hundreds of properties every single day. 

This means your team can be on the ball all day every, focusing on building relationships and securing deals and you can focus on where to grow next! 

“vacancyPro is a vital tool for how myself and my team operate on a daily basis. It has made it easier to have all commercial vacancies in one place with a user friendly platform.

Commercial Division Manager –

The Residential Agent

We know the story all to well. As a residential agent, you build an amazing relationship with your clients, and when the time comes that you need to assist them with a commercial property, you pass them on to your commercial broker connections. 

This is no longer the case! vacancyPro gives you instant access to all properties commercial. This means that your client gets to continue doing business with the person they trust, and you get to make sure they are getting the best possible deal.     

vacancyPro has made all our lives easier in the commercial space. The platform is user friendly and very informative.

Principal Property Practitioner – Century 21

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