Our mission

Starting as commercial brokers, we quickly realised that there was an unnecessarily complicated way to get access to the properties of commercial landlords. We thought to ourselves, surely there has to be a simpler way?

We decided to make a change, and create a solution that connects landlords to brokers and brokers to landlords.

We have now taken this a step further by helping brokers better connect with their clients!

Our values


From the beginning we knew that we would only be able to build the platform that was needed, by constantly working together with brokers and landlords.


vacancyPro has been innovating since 2018, and we will continue to do so, to make sure that we are delivering the best possible value to our clients.


Our focus has always been on one clear goal. Simplify the way that brokers and landlords interact. So we make sure we do that one thing really, really well.

Our team


Client Executive


Data Team Lead


Data Administrator


Creator of Opportunities


Chief Strategic Synchroniser

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