Vacancy Schedules. Simplified.

Get access to searchable, real-time commercial property vacancy schedules.

Our Approach

vacancyPro sources and consolidates commercial, retail and industrial vacancy schedules from landlords within the Western Cape, Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, and makes them simple and convenient to search with its easy-to-use desktop and mobile platform.


Typically, property brokers get in contact with landlords to get access to their properties. Now, they get access to landlords via their interest in a property.


Time is money, that is why we constantly focus on seamlessly connecting interested brokers with relevant landlords.

For Brokers

We spend all of our time on vacancy schedules, so that you don’t have to!

This means no more rushing around to canvas and go through schedules to make sure you have the right property at the right time. This means happier clients, quick and efficient service and more closed deals!


By having your schedules managed for you, you are able to focus on what really matters, closing more deals.


Once you have found the right property, we don’t get in the way. You get direct access to every property manager.

Unlock Potential Income!

We have made a quick calculator to showcase how much income can be lost due to time spent on canvassing.

vacancyPro gives you this time back, so that you can focus on closing deals and not admin!

For Landlords

vacancyPro seamlessly puts your vacancy schedules in the hands of our entire commercial broker database so that you may enjoy maximum visibility for your properties and increase your chances of finding tenants.


Our platform makes sure that your properties are never missed. If your property matches a property that is being searched for, they will find yours.


Once a property professional has interest in your property, you get instant engagement from them. We do not get involved in your deal in any way.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

See what our happy clients are saying

We have been using the vacancyPro website since being introduced to it in February 2022. They really understand our requirements and needs and have offered excellent after sales service and ongoing support and training.

Max Machanik

Regional Broking Manager, Spire Property Solutions

vacancyPro have been great partners. They are a professional team that prides themselves on excellence and customer service. vacancyPro makes our job easier so that we can spend more time assisting our clients.

Daryn Van Heerden

CEO & Founder, Atmosphere Property Group

ABC International Real Estate recently integrated vacancyPro into our operations, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. This system has revolutionised how the team manages commercial properties, streamlining processes, and significantly boosting business efficiency.
Cassidy Sheldon

Real Estate Agent , ABC International Real Estate

vacancyPro is a vital tool for how myself and my team operate on a daily basis. It has made it easier to have all commercial vacancies in one place with a user friendly platform.                                                                      
Kim Bekker

Commercial Manager,

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