Vacancy Schedules

Learn about vacancy schedules and how they fit into the workflow of the commercial broker.

Search vacancy schedules from around the country. We cover the Western Cape, Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal.

What is a vacancy schedule?

A vacancy schedule is a list of commercial properties that is available to the market.

These property vacancies can be presented in various different formats from a pdf to an excel document.

Commercial brokers typically have to go through tens or even hundreds of these to find the properties they are looking for.

Types of vacancy schedule?

Vacancy schedules are made of offices or commercial properties, retail properties and industrial properties.

Our platform has an up-to-date and searchable mix of commercial vacancy schedules, retail vacancy schedules, and industrial vacancy schedules.

How vacancy schedules fit into a brokerages workflow

A commercial, retail or industrial landlord sends a vacancy schedule to commercial brokers and brokerages for them to understand what is available to market.

Brokers will either market these properties as a form of prospecting, or match the properties up with current or existing clients that they have.

How vacancyPro has revolutionised a brokers workflow!

vacancyPro collects and aggregates office, retail and industrial vacancy schedules consisting of property vacancies from landlords across South Africa to make them easier to find for commercial brokers and brokerages.

This means, that commercial brokers now only have to search once with our platform, and they can have an almost unlimited supply of up to date office, retail and industrial properties.

Plus, we can even integrate our properties directly into the current system used by a brokerage.


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